Invest in Sochi!

Sochi is the fastest-growing resort in Russia and the capital of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Sochi is a year-round resort city located on the Black Sea coast at the footsteps of Caucasus Mountains. With 90 miles coastline, un-Russian warm climate, several modern winter resorts in nearby high mountains, and it's beautiful nature, Sochi welcomes over 4 800 000 visitors during summer and winter seasons.

Federal Target Programme for the development of Sochi in 2006-2014, which provides for the US$11.9 billion direct investment in the region, will guarantee long-term economic development of the city. As a result of the Programme, the region's GDP growth in 2006-2014 is expected to equal approximately US$12 billion.

International Investment Forum is a major venue showcasing the investment potential of the Russian regions and presentations of investment projects. The Forum brings together key players in Russian and international business, science and government agencies to discuss matters such as infrastructure investment, strengthening public-private partnership mechanisms, and Russia's continuing integration into the global economy.

"Private investors would be more likely to invest in tourism, services, and infrastructure, ranging from restaurants and thoroughfares to telecommunications and transport."

- Maxim Perov, a senior official at the Russian Regional Development Ministry